A Poem of Book Titles


So yesterday I read this interesting post called “Fun Things to do with your books” on Bookish Addict. You should go check it out! Anyway, it had an example of a poem made out of book titles, which I thought was a really cool idea. It made me want to try and come up with one myself, and here is the disaster that ensued are the results from this morning:


WP_20160612_12_57_02_Rich (2)


Lament, A God in ruins.

Heaven, All the light we cannot see.

Sinner – 

I am the messenger.

The night is darkening round me.

Salt to the sea,

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

Sweetly out of the easy.






Hope you liked my attempt at poetry! Thanks to Bookish Addict for the idea 🙂



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