Top 5 Wednesday: Feelings Change…

This week’s T5W topic is…

Books You Feel Differently About!

Talk about the books that you feel differently about after you’ve had time to think about them or re-read them. These are books that you gave a low rating, and then thought about it or re-read it and ended up loving. Or a book that you loved when you first read it, but after you’ve thought about it or you’ve gotten older, you see how many problems it had.

(from T5W group on Goodreads)

T5W is a weekly book meme, use the link above to find the Goodreads group if you want to know more/ join in!


Jane Eyre

I first attempted to read Jane Eyre when I was 14 after receiving it as a gift. I read about two, three chapters and called it quits – I just wasn’t enjoying the writing or the story. Then I tried it again when I was 16 and I adored it! It’s one of my favourites now.


The 5th Wave

First read = loved it. Tried to re-read it just before the second one came out = hated it.


My Sister’s Keeper

The book ending differs from the film ending drastically and after I thought about it a bit (and stopped crying), I realised that I kind of hated the book ending. Both are devastating, but the film is believable devastating – the book is lets-have-a-big-plot-twist-now devastating, but the plot twist doesn’t make sense. At. All.


Switched/Torn/Ascend (Trylle Series)

I loved these books at the time, but in hindsight they were actually pretty meh. I tried rereading them a while ago, and I realised how whiny Wendy was. I wish I’d left them alone after that first time.



I could only think of four – but let’s count the Trylle series as three books, okay? Okay.

What about you guys? Has any else read any of these? Thoughts? Talk to me!


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