The Friday 56

The Friday 56 is a weekly book meme hosted by Freda’s Voice.

Here are the rules:

*Grab a book, any book.Friday 56
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
(If you have to improvise, that’s ok.)
*Find any sentence, (or few, just don’t spoil it)
*Post it.
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*It’s that simple.



This week I’ve chosen…

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


And here is my chosen quote:


Anyone else love Scorpius? Definitely my favourite character from Cursed Child.


Top 10 Tuesday: Books I’d Buy If I Had the Money!

Hello again!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is….

Ten Books You’d Buy Right This Second If Someone Handed You A Fully Loaded Gift Card!

Aka, if every bookworm’s wish came true. I love this topic – it’s got me all excited, but also kind of frustrated because I’d never have enough money to buy all these. One can dream though, right?

For those of you who don’t know, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Here is the link for those of you want to find out more.


Uprooted by Naomi Novak


Ravenclaw Harry Potter editions


Special Edition F Scott Fitzgerald books


Mort by Terry Pratchett


No Matter the Wreckage by Sarah Kay


Penguin clothbound classics


 Quintana of Charyn by Melissa Marchetta


Atlas of Lost Cities: A Travel Guide to Abandoned and Forsaken Destinations by Aude de Tocqueville


A Gathering of Shadows by V. E. Schwab


The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman


What about you guys? What would you buy?


Liebster Award #2

Guess what? After I posted my first Liebster Award yesterday (I was nominated by The Whimsical Chick earlier this week), I found out that I have been nominated again by Laura @ Reading Lust! Thank you so much! 🙂

Go check out both their blogs, they’re really good!


The Rules

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.

3. Nominate 11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award.

4. Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

5. Give them 11 questions of your own.


1.If you could read only one book for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Ugh. Such a tough question! Can I cheat and chose a series? I’m going to anyway – Harry Potter.


2.Which character would you like to slap in the face?

Just one? Probably Tamlin after reading A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas.

WP_20160605_13_39_05_Rich (2) 1

3.If you could change an ending of one book, which one would it be, and what would you change?

Honestly, I can’t think of one. Occasionally I get annoyed about some stuff, but usually I can see why the author did it.

4.If you could make one series of a book into a standalone, which series would you choose?

Ashes trilogy by Ilsa J. Bick. I loved the first one, thought the second one was okay, and didn’t even finish the third book. It would have been way better if it had been left on a cliffhanger after book 1 or condensed into a duology. For anyone who’s interested, it’s about a zombie apocalypse.


5.Which Film/TV Show/Musical have you watched the most times?

I don’t know. I’ve seen Tangled quite a lot, as well as Little Miss Sunshine and Pan’s Labyrinth? And I’m not really into musicals *hides*.

6.Your favourite book OTP?

This usually changes with every book I read, but I really loved reading about Levi and Cath from Fangirl, so I’ll pick them.

7.Which fictional team/gang/group of friends would you like to be a part of?

The Raven Boys from Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle series. I want to go find dead Welsh Kings!


8.Who is your favourite secondary character in a book?

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. Watch out for the nargles!

What is your favourite city that you have visited?

I’ve not actually visited that many cities, so my options are limited. Hopefully when I’m older I can go travelling like I want to and rectify this tragedy. For now, I’m going to say Edinburgh.

10.If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose?

The ability to speak any language fluently.

11.What is the most shameful book that you have read and loved it?

I don’t really have book shame for the ones I like. I do sometimes feel a little embarrassed when I dislike a book that everyone else seems to love though.


So because I just done my first Liebster Award yesterday, I’m going to use the same questions for my nominations this time round as well. How lazy, I know.

Questions for my nominees:

  1. What is one of your favourite quotes from a book?
  2. Favourite animal/creature from a book? (e.g. hippogriffs from Harry Potter)
  3. Do you prefer to read at night or in the morning?
  4. What three adjectives/traits would you use to describe yourself?
  5. What’s your bookish pet peeve?
  6. You can only read one genre of book for the rest of your life: which genre would it be?
  7. Is there a book/series that you really liked but that had an ending you hated?
  8. What’s your Hogwarts house?
  9. Do you have a favourite film or T.V. show?
  10. What’s your favourite part of blogging?
  11. Who is your favourite book villain?

I Nominate:

Monkey Bibliophile


Literary Dust


Maya the Book Explorer

One More

A Book Nation

Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them

Stephanie Cassidy’s Blog



Thanks again to Laura @ Reading Lust for the nomination – I really appreciate it! Thanks to everyone who has followed, commented on or liked my blog as well!


The Bookish Time Travel Tag!

Time is an illusion. – Albert Einstein

Hello! Anyone else love time travel? 🙂

Basically, I’ve come up with ten questions around the theme of time travel about books and I thought I’d try and turn it into a book tag. Here are the rules:

  • Answer as many of the questions as you can/want.
  • Tag other people – as many as you like. Share the love!
  • Please leave a link to this post/blog. 
  • Tag the post as “Bookish Time Travel”.
  • Feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments!
  • Explore! Try and visit other people’s Bookish Time Travel posts and leave a comment.


The Questions:

1. What is your favourite historical setting for a book?

The Victorian era – I find it fascinating! The weird culture and social rules, the rigid class system, the rapid expansion of industry, poverty, gender inequality, the clothes (I wish I could wear a top hat as part of my everyday wardrobe)… Plus, there’s lots of good historical fiction or even fantasy/paranormal set in this time period and quite a few of my favourite classics are from the Victorian era as well.

2.What writer/s would you like to travel back in time to meet?

The Bronte sisters. I’ve read some of their work and loved it, so I feel like they’d be really interesting people to meet and have a cup of tea with. 🙂

Also, Shakespeare. I’d thank him for his sonnets, ask him to write an autobiography so we could know some half decent facts about him that aren’t all vague conjecture, and steal an unpublished copy of one of his plays so I can magically “find” it in the future and become rich.

3.What book/s would you travel back in time and give to your younger self?

cone_of_shame*hides face in shame* The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I haven’t read it yet. Or, more accurately, I read the first twenty pages of the first book and gave up about two years ago.

I wish I’d been given it when I was about ten/eleven-ish – I feel that version of myself would have loved it a lot more than this version of myself. Not that I think books should be the-lord-of-the-rings-book-coverrestricted to certain age groups – I still read children’s books with 0% shame – but I feel like different versions of ourselves like/liked different things or appreciate them more. At that age I was just beginning to fall in love with books, especially fantasy, so I feel younger me would have loved The Lord of the Rings. When I tried reading it a few years ago, it just wasn’t clicking – I kept thinking about how I wished I’d read it sooner, so I think the regret/nostalgia kind of ruined the experience. However, I do want to give Lord of the Rings another go – as a lover of fantasy, it seems a bit bizarre that I haven’t.

4.What book/s would you travel forward in time and give to your older self?

alice_in_wonderlandWeird question, I know. But what I meant by it was more along the lines of – what book do you want to remind your older self of because it was really important to you? For me, it would be Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It’s been one of my favourites for years; I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread it. I think it’s important to never stop being curious or exploring – once that’s gone, you’ve lost your sense of wonder and that’s just too precious to lose and I feel that Alice really captures that.

5.What is your favourite futuristic setting from a book? E.g. Panem from The Hunger Games (said no one ever).



This one’s tricky, because most futuristic societies are corrupt/evil, but I’m picking the setting from Sarah Crossan’s Breathe/Resist Duology. I mean, sure there’s hardly any oxygen left, but it seems pretty cool otherwise?




6.What is your favourite book that is set in a different time period 51a99tea6il-_sx317_bo1204203200_(can be historical or futuristic)?

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It’s set in Nazi Germany. Narrated by Death. It’s amazing. I cried. Repeatedly. Go read it.


7.Spoiler Time: Do you ever skip ahead to the end of a book just to see what happens?

….Very occasionally. I used to do it a lot more when I was younger and impatient, but now I only ever do it with books that I’m not enjoying all that much and want to finish quickly to see if it’s worthwhile continuing with it. Last time I did this was with Emma by Jane Austen, which I unfortunately didn’t like because I clearly have no taste in good literature, and I reviewed here.


8.If you had a Time Turner, where would you go and what would you do?

For understandable reasons, everyone’s tempted to go kill Hitler. But I’d make a shit assassin, so I think I’ll leave that up to someone else.

Personally, I kind of stumped myself with this question. There’s obviously things I regret or wish never happened, but if I changed them would I not be changing a bunch of other stuff as well by accident? Like if I went back and stopped ten year old me from splitting her head after falling off her chair because she was swinging on it, would I have learned to stop swinging on my chair? What if because nothing bad happened I kept on doing it and ended up getting hurt worse later on? Problems!

So I guess I wouldn’t change anything, but I would use it like an interactive history lesson instead and go back to the Victorian era. Just take notes. Wear a top hat.


9.Favourite book (if you have one) that includes time travel or takes place in multiple time periods?


The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Such. A. Great. Book! This one is a favourite of mine and is actually six novellas that all sort of follow the main character, Holly Sykes, but from differing viewpoints (only the first and the last POVs are Holly’s). Each novella occurs in a different time period.




10. What book/series do you wish you could go back and read again for the first time?


I was trying to think of something to say other than Harry Potter, because it’s so popular and I think a lot of people would want to go back and read it again for the first time, but I can’t. So, my answer’s the Harry Potter series, for reasons that will be obvious for anyone who’s ever read it.




I’m Tagging:

If I’ve tagged you and you don’t want to take part – that’s totally okay! I just thought it would be fun to attempt to start a book tag of my own, especially because I love the theme of time travel. Also, if I haven’t tagged you and you want to take part – do it! Just make sure you leave a link to your post or blog in the comments so I can find it. 🙂



Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Literary Fathers/Father Figures

So this week’s Top 5 Wednesday topic, in honour of father’s day, is favourite literary fathers/father figures. Here’s my list:

  • Kell from Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. Also one my of favourite literary thieves.


  • Hans Hubberman from The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. He was just so brilliant and wise.


  • Brimstone from Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I loved Laini Taylor’s world-building in this series, and Brimstone was one of my favourite characters.


  • Hagrid from Harry Potter, because who doesn’t love Hagrid.


  • A.J. Fikry from Gabrielle Zevin’s The Collected Works of A.J. Fikry. This book is one of my favourites – it made cry both happy and sad tears, sometimes simultaneously. The reason A.J. makes the list is because he taught his daughter to love literature and supported her dreams to become a writer – solid parenting.


Here’s the link for Top 5 Wednesday group on goodreads!

Who are your favourite literary fathers/father figures? Tell me in the comments!


Favourite Book Chapter Titles

Chapters. They’re quite important. Useful even. I’ve always thought of them as mini book mile stones as I read, like “wow I’m at chapter 10 already? I’m getting somewhere now!”, but that might just be me. I’ve also always appreciated good/interesting chapter titles, none of this boring numbers nonsense thank you very much. So I thought it would fun to pick my favourites and share them with you!

 10. “Outside In”/”Inside Out” from The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton.

I like chapters titles that have meaning, or add to the continuity of the overall story, so when I was looking for my Top Ten list and noticed that the first chapter in Part 1 was “Outside In” and the first chapter in Part 2 was “Inside Out” I had a very satisfying I-see-what-you-did-there moment. The book is set in 1680s Amsterdam and involves a creepy miniature doll-house that begins to mirror real life, so the chapter titles are especially appropriate.

WP_20160607_11_58_13_Rich.jpg  WP_20160607_11_58_20_Rich (2).jpg



9. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien with “Out of the Frying-Pan and into the Fire”. 

I don’t know. It just strikes me as a pleasant, very Hobbit-like way of saying that everything has gone to sh*t.




8. Starcross by Philip Reeve with “Chapter Twenty-One: We arrive in the depths of futurity and find them chilly and a trifle dark”.

I feel this choice requires no explanation. If you want a fun steam-punk adventure, this series is awesome. Seriously, its space pirates in the Victorian era. SPACE PIRATES!




7. Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor with “A Candle Flame Extinguished with a Scream”.

This chapter title promises so much with how ominous it is and that’s why I’ve added it to my list. To be honest, this trilogy had a lot of great chapter titles, so was difficult to pick just one.




6. “Can I get there by Candlelight?” from Stardust by Neil Gaiman.

Candles again! This book is a favourite of mine. It’s quirky and humorous with a warm heart. I love this title because it just sounds so random and strange, which perfectly captures the overall feeling of the book. Also, I want to travel by candlelight. It seems like an adventure.



diviners-pb25. “The Green Light” from The Diviners by Libba Bray.

Wanna know where else there’s a green light? The Great Gatsby. You know, that literary classic that everyone associates with the Roaring Twenties, a setting Bray explores beautifully in her Diviners series. Again, another I-see-what-you-did-there moment with this one.





4. “The Ocean of Tears” from A.G. Howard’s Alice in Wonderland retelling, Splintered.

One of my all time favourite books is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I. Love. It. And I really enjoyed the way Howard weaves the original story throughout her own one, as seen with several of the chapter titles.

Side-note: the overall aesthetic for this book series is brilliant btw. Just look at that cover!




3. “The Silver Doe” from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J.K. Rowling.

Also known as one of my favourite Harry Potter chapters in the whole series. It’s just so good. I love this title because it ties in so well the chapter itself and when you re-read the series knowing that it was Snape’s patronus, which was a mirror of Lily’s patronus, it just makes me want to bawl.



img_02992. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.

Shadowhunter books are always good for interesting chapter titles and Lady Midnight doesn’t disappoint. In fact, if I were ranking these books by quality of chapter titles (which would be a kind of ridiculous way to rank books, but just go with it for now) this one would definitely win. A lot of the titles are quotes from the Edgar Allan Poe poem (poe poem, haha) Annabel Leewhich just ties in so perfectly with the actual storyline it hurts.

I struggled to pick just one, but in the end I went with “The Moon Never Beams Without Bringing Me Dreams”, because its my favourite line from Annabel Lee as well.



harry_potter_and_the_half-blood_prince1.”The Lightning Struck Tower” from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

I shed so many tears reading this chapter that I cried an OCEAN OF TEARS (sorry, not sorry). The reason I love this chapter title so much is the added meaning it carries. The Tower card in the Tarot deck traditionally depicts a lightning struck tower and it usually symbolises:

“This card follows immediately after The Devil in all Tarots that contain it, and is associated with sudden, disruptive, and potentially destructive change.” (Wikipedia)

Which is so appropriate for the events in the chapter that I can’t deal. Also, when Harry encounters Trelawney earlier in the book she’s carrying her Tarot cards and she mentions the Lighting Struck Tower – the foreshadowing! Now I’m getting all emotional over Dumbledore dying just thinking about it again. Damn you, Rowling.



Hope you enjoyed my Favourite Chapter Titles. What are your favourite chapter titles? Please let me know in the comments! Go on, I dare you. 🙂